3 Popular Types of Home Furnishing Hard Woods


Home builders and furniture builders alike agree that hard woods are best for the things they make.  Obviously, hard woods are durable but they also provide this benefit without sacrificing the authentic and natural appeal that you simply cannot get from many manufactured wood materials. Furthermore, if you take care of them, goods made from hard woods can last a very long time—perhaps never requiring replacement in your lifetime.

There are four commonly used Woodspec.ca precut hardwood pallet lumberImage result for 3 Popular Types of Home Furnishing Hard Woods


If we are going to talk about hard woods, we have to start with Oak. This is the most common type of hard wood lumber used across various industries today. A durable wood that is also quite beautiful, oak is, perhaps, most commonly used for making cabinets and household furniture, housing trim, and doors, decks, and patios.  

Oak has quite the distinct look.  Its grainy appearance is actually quite attractive, especially since oak is available in a few colors.

    • Red Oak ranges a light brown to a dull pink and has a swirling pattern
    • White Oak has yellow rays and yellow flecks in a tiger-stripe grain pattern

Consider refraining from staining, though, because the grains can darken over time, which leads to the wood looking more two-toned, which is not as attractive as the natural colors.


Maple is also pretty strong and pretty popular.  It has an unmistakable creamy white color and texture that makes it appear soft; but in reality maple is among the hardest species of wood out there.  And since it is so strong (but doesn’t look it) furniture builders like to bedroom dressers and kitchen cabinets out of maple.

One great benefit to maple, though, is that it is, perhaps, more affordable than oak.  Of course, that means it can help to lower the retail price of building materials—saving money for families, for years to come.  Furthermore, families might like maple as the primary wood in their home because it holds stains much better than oak, and if you seal it properly, be able to last a long time.


Cherry has a fine, straight grain with a trademarked reddish-brown tone.  Cherry wood is most commonly used in the building of carved chairs and some tables and cabinets. It is also a type of hardwood that is a little more easily manipulated than other types of hardwood; though it can be a little more costly and vulnerable to time.