A gravel product for every taste


When you combine gravel with other landscaping materials you may wish to use it to carry a theme through the space, to contrast with another material or to be a feature in its own right.3However, you intend to use gravel in your outdoor space the end result should add to the functionality and the aesthetic appeal of the area.

Here are a few suggestions to help you choose your perfect scheme:

To carry a theme throughout a space:

Maybe you want buff tones to dominate in the scheme.

The exquisite 10mm and 20-5mm South Cerney gravels are locally sourced and proudly stocked. South Cerney gravel is buff, semi rounded in shape and it will compliment a paved circle of buff and grey.

For example the Old Rectory Circle from Rivar Sand and Gravel which has a diameter of 2.8 metres. It can add a period feel and it will certainly add interest and warmth.

*10mm South Cerney or alternative gravel is also known as pea gravel.

To contrast colours in an outdoor space without buying several products or restricting choice:

Moonstone gravel is available in 10mm and 20mm. It is flint quarried in the Thames Valley and it comprises a mixture of grey, black, beige and white and the 20mm gravel has more brown in the mix than the 10mm.

This gives you a great choice of similar coloured materials. If you are looking to a monochrome and modern scheme with black or metallic finish furniture, then this gravel is an excellent choice.

For paving you could use an increasingly popular black porcelain paving.

The  Sand and Gravel porcelain paving is supplied in 600mm X 600mm slabs and takes 0% maintenance. It is frost, slip, stain and fade resistant.

Porcelain slabs are also available in grey, white and beige so they have all the colours of the Moonstone gravel.

Fill your space with character.

To make gravel a feature in its own right you can use colour and a little sparkle.

Flamingo gravel is blue-green, pink and white angular 20mm gravel and its extra allure is provided by quartz.

Quartz patches on the gravel make it sparkle in sunlight. It’s got a personality of its own.

On the colour wheel blue and orange are excellent together and if you want to use sleepers then why not utilise oak ones so that the colours can play off one another.

Quartzitic Indian sandstone paving in caramel, imperial or silver will shine.

It may seem a little cold in its appearance but when matched with warm Cotswold chippings the balance is perfect. Each material will stand out on its own but compliment the other one.

However, if you want to use gravel that adds to the whiteness and accents the sheen of the quartz in the sandstone then white dolomite gravel easily reminds the owner of wintery scenes. Plus, it has its own supply of quartz so your outdoor space will glisten.

Happy planning!