Are Loft Conversions Advantageous To People Looking To Develop Their Home?


Loft conversions are advantageous for a range of different reasons, here we will explore the different ways in which loft conversions can be beneficial to the owners of a property.

1/ Increasing the living space of a home – this is a huge benefit of having a loft conversion added to a home for obvious reasons:

  1. a) More potential to add additional rooms to a property
    b) More space in the home in general meaning more versatility
    c) Increased living space means increased storage space

2/ Increasing the value of a home – The sales’ value of a property is often increased by the introduction of a loft conversion by around 20%, this means that a home that is worth £200,000 can be worth £240,000 once a loft conversion is built onto the home, this is financially advantageous to the property developer/homeowner due to the increase in value. This is one of the major reasons why people choose to have their loft converted.

3/ Loft conversions are relatively straightforward to build – In comparison to other types of house extension, loft conversions are not comparatively difficult to build due to the fact that you are expanding on an existing framework as opposed to building an entirely different framework from scratch (in most cases, hip to gable conversions being one of them).

4/ Loft conversions often look spectacular once finished – this point speaks for itself, lofts are highly popular and are growing in popularity for this reason as much as other reasons.

One very popular for of loft conversion is one with a dormer which is an external enclosure to the roof of a property commonly used for windows of your choice.

Why Would People Not Want A Loft Conversion?

Some people would rather opt for a different type of home extension and this can be for a range of different reasons:

1) Finances – Loft conversions don’t come cheap, often the price exceeds £35,000 which is no small investment for people.
2) Some people are looking for a smaller scaled extension like a conservatory, this can be due to them preferring an external extension to the rear of the property that is less expensive and faster to complete.
3) Some people want a quicker extension – conservatories are faster to complete than loft conversions and therefore they may be considered more suitable.
4) Some people want more “grandiose” home extensions such as a two storey extension or a full basement conversion, these are not for the faint hearted but are also spectacular home extensions available for people who want to change their home to an even larger extent than a loft, however the prices are often a lot more expensive and they are generally more time consuming.

Overall whether or not an attic conversion is for you is dependent on subjective and individual factors, finances, preferences and other issues such as home access, type of home etc.

Whatever you choose to do with your home make sure you work with a reputable company, capable and experienced in handling attic conversion.