Are You Asking the Right Questions?


When planning a KSI Cabinetry remodel, have you asked yourself all the right questions?

#1:  How Much Can My Budge REALLY Handle?

It probably comes as no surprise but the number one most important question you need to ask when considering a home renovation is how much you can actually afford.  You not only need to manage your money but it is also important to keep your expectations in check. Most people—especially first-timers get a little caught in the best possible outcome and overlook many of the common obstacles and snags.  And, as a rule of thumb, try to add 30 percent more than you think you should spend; this will cover incidentals and other snags you might not anticipate.Related image

#2: If My Budget is Limited, What Gets More Bang for the Buck?

Another rule of thumb is that the kitchen and then the bathroom are the most “profitable” remodeling projects.  In fact, many home buyers can overlook a smaller bedroom or an underwhelming living room in light of a beautiful kitchen.

#3: When Do I DIY and When Do I Call In A Pro?

For the most part always leave plumbing and electrical to the professionals. However, even if you want to DIY what you feel you can handle, it is wise to consult with a contractor, at the very least, as they can advise on things like city codes that could bring more problems in the future if you ignore them.

#4:  Speaking of Contractors, Have You Been Critical Enough?

Renovations, of course, cost a lot of money.  They are a big undertaking so if you are going to involve a third party (which you likely should) then you need to make sure it is a person you can trust: not just to get the job done right, but also to the point where they could make certain decisions on your behalf.

#5:  What “Non-Cosmetic” Fixes Cannot Be Overlooked?

Basically, are there structural elements that need repair?  Consider joint integrity and support beams.  Also look out for mold and water damage.  Mold can remain undetected for a long time but cause respiratory issues and other long-term health problems if not treated.  

#6: What Does My Family Need?

Again, if you are looking for more bang-for-the-buck, the kitchen is the place to start. However, if you are not planning to sell your home anytime soon it might be better to look at your family’s particular needs. Maybe, for example, you have an unfinished basement that you would prefer to turn into a new family room. Perhaps you are expecting another child and want to build another bedroom or nursery.