Most Popular Home Renovation Design Schemes


Everyone has a different reason for wanting or needing to renovate their home, but even if it is for functionality, you are most likely going to redecorate or deal with the interior design in some way. If you are like me, this is your favorite part, and you have already begun to think about all the different possible directions you could go with the design and décor. There are many things you should think about when it comes to decorating your space. One of them is how large the room is, or if you are looking to tie in one theme throughout the entire house. This year the design trends are all over the map, literally inspired by global cultures, but to get an idea about some of them, keep reading.

Southwest and Geometric Style

Many people enjoy the bold colors and geometric shapes of the southwest and some of the more central Mexican styles patterns. Textiles with this type of look have been very popular and can be seen anywhere from the curtains to the upholstery. You might even find these patterns in bedding, kitchenware, and bathroom décor. Think smoky oranges, dark reds and bright yellows with boxy and triangular patterns.

The Cozy Mountain House Look

This particular design scheme is best in homes that are in a location where the temperature is generally cooler because the winter cabin theme usually includes a lot of furs, leather, and heavy materials. Think fabrics like plush Ugg boots. There are a lot of restored materials used, unpolished metals, and dark stains on wooden furniture. This particular trend sometimes includes taxidermy animals or animal pelt floor rugs. This look, though best in cooler climates, can go well in both large and small spaces and may be kid safe due to the worn look of things in pieces meant for this type of style.

The All White Everything

This particular one has been going strong for a couple of years now. The only real consistent characteristic is that you fill your house, and paint your space, with only shades of white, with a splash of brown, beige, or black every so often. The all white everything trend is mostly found in single rooms or a kitchen, and rarely seen throughout an entire house. However, I have seen it done before and it can be appealing if it is done right. You do not want to opt for this one if you have children or pets though, because as everyone knows, white gets very dirty very fast.

Mother Earth Jungle Green Theme

The plant life theme has seen its day in the past, making a splash in the 70’s before it began to come back in the last five years or so. This look takes its cues from mother earth and the lush forests and jungles around the world. Sometimes incorporated with the southwest look but blending cacti with leafy greens. A great addition to this style is usually a flower bloom for a pop of color. Live plants make it feel clean and fresh.