Select the Best Kind of Window Solutions to Make a Style Statement


Windows are noticeable, so a window treatment you select will display your specific style. Window treatments are just swathes of material, which are draped, pleated, or arranged over an opening to outside.

Types of window treatment

Basically, you can classify window treatments into two


Technically blinds are described as hard window solutions including movable slats, which can be closed or opened by lowering the blinds.Image result for Select the Best Kind of Window Solutions to Make a Style Statement

Different types of blinds

  • Wood
  • Faux wood
  • Shutters
  • Mini blinds
  • Panel track blinds


Shades need a spring component or cords to raise or lower them.

Different kind of shades

  • Draperies & curtains
  • Honeycomb
  • Woven wood
  • Roman
  • Roller
  • Sheer
  • Solar
  • Pleated outdoor

Both are totally customizable as well as provide full privacy and light control. You get endless varieties to select.Related image

Window treatment ideas

For kitchen

Faux wood blinds can be best option because of potential spillage and high moisture. These are natural ventilators, clean easily, and durable. Kitchen windows above the sinks and stoves need cordless solution. Shutters can be best option because they are cordless and offer great curb appeal.

For Bedroom

Bedroom is your safe haven, which needs privacy. Blackout shades are ideal for pitch darkness, but if you prefer some light then opt for day/night cellular shades. They give soft diffusion of light. These are available in serene and motivating pattern, which makes it easy to wake up as well as fall asleep. Moreover, the fabric provides insulation in any season.

For living room

You will need to consider making a statement of your style because it is here that you will be entertaining. Another aspect will be to consider the protection of furniture from fading due to sun rays.

Cellular or solar shades are ideal protectors from the direct sunrays. In addition, you can control the light aspect as well as preserve outdoor view. Roman shades are soft and will look elegant on bay windows. Long Kardinad (curtains) of any shade on tall windows will actually provide a finished look. Use colors, bold patterns, as well as mix-match fabrics to offer your style statement.

For dining room

You celebrate family get-together, big feasts or every night family dinner in this dining room. You can go for tall drapes to obtain floor-to-ceiling effect. This will provide the room a dramatic feel of height as well as importance. You can even opt for roller or roman shades to maintain homey feel and add warmth to the space. For homeowners celebrating often can pick pleated or cellular shades.

Valence for window treatments

Valence addition is like frosting on cake. It is an extra decorative layer. You can easily update them and jazz up the window solutions. Valences don’t reach the floor but cover the upper 1/3rd of window. It is a simple mass of pleats or band of fabric. They help to soften hard edge looks of window frame.

Taffeta, satin, or silk fabrics have shiny, luxurious, and glossy look, if you wish to add the 18th century style. For modern, trendy, and clean feel use drapery panels. Heavy and thick fabrics make room look small, so use shiny, silky fabrics that reflect light and will rustle in wind making room seem bright, soft, and large.

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