The Advantages Of Installing A Copper Hood Vent


Not just has its own use within kitchens become more and more fashionable in recent year, additionally, it ticks all of the ‘functionality’ boxes too. Nowadays, these kitchen stapes can be found in a number of colours, sizes, and finishes to match any style- with the idea to be fitted between cabinets, in the cupboard, or like a standalone piece for visitors to admire.

With more and more people subverting standard by getting their ovens within the center of the kitchen, island vents really are a popular choice, too.

So, if you are considering by using this lustrous material to accomplish the feel of your kitchen area, but they are unsure whether it’s right to do the job, continue reading to uncover are just some of its benefits.


First of all, copper is very durable. Regrettably, it might be simple for some ventilation systems to become broken with time by their heat exposure and smoke, and that’s why lots of people will finish up replacing their stainless extraction units.

Your hood may slightly change colour through the years, but this can be a perfectly natural attribute from the material, then one that may simply enhance its look – plus, it may be treated to stop this from happening if you want your finish to stay the same.

Copper is notoriously fire resistant, and may even survive an earthquake! Therefore it is reliable advice, when investing in one of these simple hoods, you will be investing for existence.

Something many people haven’t heard of these components is it contains anti-microbial qualities that really help to eliminate dangerous microbes. This can be a key reason lots of people apply it worktops within their kitchen. Your hood will still need be cleaned, obviously, however, you can be assured that you will have that added little bit of defense against the numerous bacteria that collect inside your kitchen.


Affordability could be the only factor stopping you moving forward by using copper inside your kitchen, however the lustrous metal is actually a far more cost-effective option to using stainless. Plus, it’ll last two times as lengthy because of its durable and anti-microbial qualities.

Many suppliers will offer you a bespoke service, providing you with the opportunity to design an extraction hood for your exact specifications. Which means you can produce a personalised finish or trim to be perfect for your kitchen area interior. You will find an array of options with regards to customising copper: hammering, engraving and adding straps, for instance, so you’ll make sure to possess a unique piece.

When it comes to customization, additionally, you will have the ability to produce a bespoke design to complement the actual size available for you inside your kitchen. Which means that if you cannot afford a bigger hood, but nonetheless lengthy with this exquisite look, you are able to choose a smaller sized design to help keep the expense lower.

Whether your look is classic or modern, using copper for the extraction system could be a versatile and engaging method to bring elegance and functionality to your cooking space.

You’ll find suppliers by searching on the internet, or by examining the directory nearer your home. Make certain you get a trustworthy service which will provide high quality craftsmanship along with a bespoke service. If uncertain, it is best to take a look at their portfolios so that you can take notice of the installations the have performed for past customers.