Tips on how to clean your driveway effectively


The driveway is a very important part of the house and it needs to be kept clean and well maintained. If it’s smooth and there are no bumps, your car’s shock absorbers won’t have to work overtime.

Assemble your tools

Get ready with your litter box, a scrubbing brush, a broom, detergent and a bucket. This is assuming the stains are easy to remove and are a quick fix. Sometimes you have stubborn stains and they may tire you so you need to know when to pressure wash. This is a more aggressive method and can be done occasionally to get rid of hard stains that have been there for years.

Sop up the driveway

Sop up the places with liquid stains. Using baking soda will also help in removing the stains. Allow them to soak in for a little while but know that they could easily dry up. So you need to use an absorbent litter to help. Take the broom and sweep up the fluid soaked litter and then trash it as some stains are hazardous.

Washing up

With a mixture of water and detergent mixed in the bucket, pour it on the driveway stains. Then start scrubbing the surfaces to ensure the stains come off. It’s best to wear some old clothes as you need to kneel for maximum effect.  You could also seek a hand from a friend to help make the process much faster.


Once all the stains are out or simply faded, get clean water to rinse off the cleaning solution. This can be done using a hose or simply by pouring with a bucket. Either way rinse up and leave the driveway clean to dry up.

Keeping it clean

It’s obviously not an easy task and pretty exhausting. You can minimize on the stains such a oil leaks by laying down some form of protection when changing the oil like an old newspaper or sheet. This is to prevent the liquid ending up in the driveway.