Top rated nut pickers to keep your garden clean


Gardening has always been and will always remain the kind of activity great many land owners consider a relaxing sort of occupation. There can’t possibly be a better window view rather than seeing your garden staying in blossom. With regards to this matter, lots of gardeners tend to plant a whole variety of trees just to enjoy the lovely scenery in the yard one day. But naturally, a hobby like that requires time, patience and tons of efforts applied. There’ll always be plenty of fruits/nuts lying in the grass among leaves, waiting to be gathered. And should you leave the issue to its own fate, there’ll soon be heaps of trash found everywhere on your lawn. For that not to happen one should pay raised attention to obtaining the proper garden instrument, assigned to help him/her do the cleaning quick and with no much efforts applied. Other words, one can’t simply do without a device like a nut picker.

Picking the nuts turns rather engaging with this instrument by your side

Remember how you used to bend over for every single nut to throw it into a bucket? Forget it once and for all! With such appliance as Holt’s nut wizard you won’t ever need to kneel and reach for each particular object stuffing up your lawn. The unique design of a device makes the nuts/fruits trapped inside of a metal cage performed of elastic wires. This simple at first glance construction makes it possible to work with no slightest strain or any excessive efforts. The nut gatherer can actually be operated with just one hand; all you have to do is roll it back and forth on a spot and then empty the cage as soon as it gets full.

Models to consider while making a choice


The heavy-duty convenient design of a product makes it one of the top-rated models on a current market. As stated in the numerous reviews, the device is equally effective on practically any surface. With this tool at hand, you can gather nuts, fruits, chestnuts and lots of other objects of nearly the same size. To empty the cage you simply need to spread the wires and shake the appliance a bit.


One of the peculiar facts about this very model is that it can gather nuts at a higher speed compared to all the other models on review. To add more, it comes with a spreader, which also contributes to a faster working pace. Picking walnuts and pecans is not a problem with this tool. The sturdy construction provides a long-term use of a device with practically zero maintenance.


What makes this appliance distinct from the rest is the fact it can endure extreme temperatures and rust. The ergonomic grip in combination with sturdy construction offers a practically effortless working experience. Besides nuts and acorns, you can easily gather apples and tennis balls with this device in your hands. For a novice gardener and family owner, there couldn’t just be a better option.