Why Super King Is The Latest Trend In Australia?


There is a growing trend of super king size beds in Australia. More and more homeowners want to add more luxury and comfort to their bedrooms. The trend has increasingly caught up with couples and families. It seems that more and more Australians are realising the importance of a good night’s sleep and relaxation. You can add in more bed throws and pillows and find more space on a super king size bed. This offers many advantages in terms of comfort and an undisturbed sleep.

Comfort & Restful Sleep

A super king size bed, with all its comfortable bedding sets and throws, can help turn your bedroom into a haven for restful sleep. The additional space and comfortable bedding contributes to undisturbed sleep. Luxurious comfort bedding can provide you complete relaxation. And all these advantages are triggering more Australians to spend a little extra to get a super king bed in their bedroom.

The whole family can enjoy relaxing and uninterrupted sleep. According to sleep experts, when you share a normal sized double bed, it significantly increases the risks of sleep problems. Whenever one partner moves, there is a very high chance that the other’s sleep gets broken and they change position. Sleeping in a normal double bed leaves just around 2 feet of space between the two of you. A king size bed leaves around 2.5 feet of space. A super king bed leaves at least 3 feet of space and even with all the bed throws and pillows, there is lesser risk that one partner can wake up the other when tossing and turning.

Studies show that many partners do not go to bed at the same time. Many like to spend their time out of bed checking their emails, social media accounts, or working while the other partner is sleeping. Australians are increasingly becoming a population that is overworked and stressed. This means that you are more likely to be woken up by your partner getting into the bed when you sleep in a smaller bed. And more Australians are realising how these larger beds, mattresses, cover sets and bed throws can make their life more relaxing.



Style and looks are also key reasons driving these couples and families to add a super king size bed in their home. In fact, these large beds provide a more appropriate combination of practicality and style. They work as a striking centrepiece in your bedroom.

The fact is that that these large beds are now available in more styles with more variety in colours and designs for bedding sets and couch throws than ever before. So when people are shopping for an upgrade or a new bed, they can find better combinations of colours, style, quality, and price than ever before. Now you don’t have to search harder to find super king size bedding colours that coordinate well with the décor of your bedroom.

More Storage

There are even more advantages which are driving more homeowners to super king size beds. As there is growing demand for these more expensive beds in this market, more manufacturers are designing super king size beds with sophisticated storage compartments. Customers can now find designs with 2 or 4 drawers. Even if these beds take up a lot of space in your bedroom, they can accommodate a lot to ensure that your bedroom stays well organised. The compartments can also be used to store bed throws and blankets.

Perfect for Families

The super king size bed is finding a lot of takers amongst families. It can accommodate parents and two kids without causing any sleeping difficulties. As more families realise what difference these large sized beds can offer, many are eager to pay extra to buy more comfort and space.

A change in attitudes is also a contributing factor. The parenting style is becoming more relaxing and more families have small kids sleeping with their parents. This was not the case until a few years ago. A super king size bed can also create a multitasking area for the family. The entire family can spend a good time, with children playing on the bed.

Even the bed manufacturing industry has long been promoting the benefits of sleeping in king size or super king size beds. There have also been many surveys that support it. Many of these surveys show that those sleeping in super king size beds woke up less often in the night than those sleeping in smaller beds. They got more and better sleep, felt more comfortable, and were more rested in the morning. There is no denying that more space allows you to stretch out with ease.

Lower Price Difference

In addition to all these practical reasons, price has also been a factor contributing to the trend of super king size beds. More people know about the advantages of sleeping in a larger bed. Economics has also played a role in inspiring more of them to choose a larger bed. The price difference between the different sizes of beds has dropped. Now you can afford a super king size luxury by paying just a little extra.

Lifestyle Choice

When you choose a super king size bed with all its luxurious accessories including throw rugs, pillow, mattresses and other sets, it is also a style statement. There is the practical consideration to it, but there is also the lifestyle statement. It tells a lot about the kind of person you are. You get to enjoy your own luxurious room in your home without the need to go to a luxury hotel.

Once you go through all these points, you will realise why it makes all the sense that super king size beds and accessories are the latest trends. All the associated luxurious accessories including pillows, throws, and comfy bedding sets can further enhance the comfort factor. The only question is why more Australians aren’t keeping up with the trend. It is expected that it will become a super king size nation in a few more years.